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Caters to individuals and Businesses their Tax and Financial needs

Individual Taxation

After several years of serving customers in some large metropolitan areas, our practice has mastered the ability.....

Tax Settlement – Offer in Compromise

If you have a significant amount of money owed to the IRS or a given state....

Tax settlements

In order to settle a tax debt, the IRS or a state tax authority must show the taxpayer that the tax debt.....

Tax fraud, tax evasion, and tax crime

In addition to imposing civil tax fines, the government has the power to.....

Tax Audit Representation

Tax Audit Representation Help is essential once you have been selected for a tax investigation.....

LLC Taxation

If you are the sole owner, member, or equity partner of your LLC, you will submit your LLC business....

Embassy and Consultative Tax Issues
Tax issues for foreign government employees

The Internal Revenue Code (Tax Code) provides for a special tax system for employees of foreign governments and international organizations. In certain circumstances, such individuals are exempt from U.S. federal income tax. Foreign government employees do not need to be diplomats or enjoy “diplomatic status” to qualify for tax exemption…..

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    We handle your tax and financial concerns So you can focus on the job at hand.

    <strong>Quarterly Estimated Tax</strong>

    Quarterly Estimated Tax

    Estimated taxes need to be paid to avoid interest on fines for certain individuals and businesses.
    <strong>IRS installment agreement</strong>

    IRS installment agreement

    Entering an installment planning agreement with the IRS or state tax authority is one way to pay your back tax....
    <strong>Real estate or real property tax issue</strong>

    Real estate or real property tax issue

    Real estate or real property tax is one of the burdens of homeownership.......
    <strong>IRS Wage Garnishment Assistance</strong>

    IRS Wage Garnishment Assistance

    You've come to the right place. Here are the Wage Guarantee issues to help you...
    <strong>Private Equity Fund Accounting and Taxation</strong>

    Private Equity Fund Accounting and Taxation

    Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive work.
    <strong>CPA letter for apartment rent or home purchase</strong>

    CPA letter for apartment rent or home purchase

    There has been a growing trend among banks, landlords, and/or donors that.....

    Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts


    Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report (FBAR)

    Many U.S. taxpayers are unaware that ownership of their bank account or some other financial account in a foreign country is subject to their strict IRS reporting requirements. Generally, U.S. citizens, residents (green card holders), and other persons and entities defined as “United States persons” under the U.S. Tax Code must report their financial interests or signatures to the IRS every year to a financial institution such as a bank located in a foreign country. For the remaining accounts, if any, for a tax year, the total value of all foreign accounts exceeds $ 10,000.

    Evaluation service

    Discounted cash flow

    Business appraisals, business owners, investors, potential buyers, and potential sellers are requested to pay a company prior to the sale, consolidation/acquisition, or public offering. Evaluation experts use a variety of methods in this process. Here are some common methods used to evaluate a business.


    To simply put, market-based valuation compares accounting to other recent selling prices of similar businesses. ……

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    J. Raymond Karam

    Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Probate …

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